Benefit.X Rewards

In addition to using the Benefit.X Corporate Card for business expenses, you can now earn rewards by placing deposits in the platform!

Deposit and Get Rewarded!

Introducing the Benefit.X Reward Points, where every $500 deposit placed with us will earn you points on a daily basis. These accumulated points could then be converted into extra credit for your Benefit.X account! T&Cs apply.

Starting 1st October 2020, points will be automatically awarded to existing Benefit.X Cardholders with deposits placed with us.

How It Works?

Deposit Range (SGD)

Daily Points (per SGD 500)

0 – 3,000

3,001 – 10,000

= 45 points, = 50 points

Conversion Rate

1000 Points = SGD 1

Things to note

  • There is no partial reward
  • Calculation is done for the final balance in your Benefit.X account at the end of every day

To be eligible for the rewards, the following conditions must be met

  • You must have successfully applied for and been issued a Benefit.X Corporate Card
  • There must be a minimum of $500 deposit made into your account

Create a Benefit.X Account Today!

Create a Benefit.X Account Today!