The Benefit.X Referral Program (“Program”) is an opportunity for you and your Referee (“Referee”) to earn reward points (“Points”) when you refer them to create a Benefit.X account and make a successful deposit. We reserve the right to terminate this Program at any time for any reason. The Program is administered by Benefit.X, which may, outsource certain elements of administration to third parties.
These Terms (“Terms”) apply to a user’s participation in the Program. By participating, users agree to use the Program as outlined herein, and comply with any other Terms we may apply to the Program. If you do not agree to these Terms in their entirety, then you cannot participate in the Program.
Users who refer others to the Program are “Referrers”; those who are referred are “Referees”.


You are eligible to receive 800 Points for every Qualified Referral if you have a 1) valid Benefit.X account and 2) a minimum deposit of $500 in your Benefit.X account.

Qualified Referrals
A referral is only considered valid if the Referee is an owner of a local company, is not an existing Benefit.X user, successfully applies for a Benefit.X Corporate Card and makes a minimum deposit of $500 into their account..

How It Works
To participate in the Program, you send your unique referral link and code to your Referees. You should ensure that your Referees input your unique referral code when registering for a Benefit.X account. If your Referee successfully applies for a Benefit.X Corporate Card and makes a minimum deposit of $500, both parties receive 800 Points each.

You are allowed to send your unique referral link and code to as many Referees as you want. You will receive 800 Points for every Qualified Referral.

You must respect the spirit of the Program by not engaging in spamming or other unfair or otherwise problematic practices, including creating fake accounts or harassing potential referral sources.

Conditions for Receiving Reward Points

  1. The Referee must use the unique referral link and code from a Benefit.X Referrer.
  2. If a Referee receives more than one referral link and code, Benefit.X will issue the rebate to the person whose link and code is used to complete the Benefit.X registration regardless of when the links and codes were sent.
  3. If a Referee registers for a Benefit.X Corporate Card using any other method, the registration will not count as a Qualified Referral and both parties will not earn the rebate.
  4. The Referee must not be an existing Benefit.X user.

Referrer’s Code of Conduct

Referrers agree that they will not violate any of these Terms, or otherwise engage in activity that could be considered harassment toward other users. Referrers agree not to:

  1. Violate the intellectual property rights of Benefit.X
  2. Spam or otherwise create bulk distributions of the referral link and code that is inappropriate
  3. Collect or attempt to collect personal data about users or potential Referees
  4. Engage in any actions that are designed to disrupt or undermine the Program
  5. Make attempts to gain unauthorised access to the software or the Program for any reason
  6. Transmit files that contain bots, viruses or any other file that could contaminate or otherwise destroy Benefit.X’s intellectual property or stop the function of the Benefit.X services
  7. Engage in illegal or unsportsmanlike activities
  8. Engage in behaviour designed to annoy or harass others
  9. Engage in actions that disparage or malign or call into question the reputation of Benefit.X, in Benefit.X’s sole discretion

Liability Release

Except where prohibited, users agree that by participating in the Program, they agree: (1) to be bound by these Terms the decisions of Benefit.X, its Administrators (“Benefit.X Entities”) (if any) and/or their designees, and privacy policies; (2) to release and hold harmless Benefit.X Entities and their respective parent companies, affiliates and subsidiaries, together with their respective employees, directors, officers, licensees, licensors, shareholders, attorneys and agents including, without limitation, their respective advertising and promotion entities and any person or entity associated with the production, operation or administration of the Program (collectively, the “Released Parties”), from any and all claims, demands, damages, losses, liabilities, costs or expenses caused by, arising out of, in connection with, or related to their participation in the Program (including, without limitation, any property loss, damage, personal injury or death caused to any person(s) and/or the awarding, receipt and/or use or misuse of the Program); and (3) to be contacted by Benefit.X Entities via e-mail.

Except where prohibited by law, the Released Parties shall not be liable for: (i) late, lost, delayed, stolen, misdirected, incomplete unreadable, inaccurate, garbled or unintelligible entries, communications or affidavits, regardless of the method of transmission; (ii) telephone system, telephone or computer hardware, software or other technical or computer malfunctions, lost connections, disconnections, delays or transmission errors; (iii) data corruption, theft, destruction, unauthorized access to or alteration of entry or other materials; (iv) any injuries, losses or damages of any kind resulting from acceptance, possession or use of a Credit, or from participation in the Program; or (v) any printing, typographical, administrative or technological errors in any websites or materials associated with the Program. Benefit.X Entities disclaim any liability for damage to any computer system resulting from participating in, or accessing or downloading information in connection with this Program, and reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to cancel, modify or suspend the Program should a virus, bug, computer problem, unauthorized intervention or other causes beyond Benefit.X Entities control, corrupt the administration, security or proper play of the Program.
Benefit.X Entities reserves the right to cancel or suspend this Program should it determine, in its sole discretion, that the administration, security or fairness of this Program has been compromised in any way.


Participation in the Program may require a Referee and/or a Referrer to submit personal information about themselves. The personal information will be collected, processed and used in accordance with Benefit.X’s Privacy Policy which can be found at https://portal.benefit.exchange/Content/UserPolicies/PrivacyPolicy.html. In addition, personal information may be used by Benefit.X, to contact users with regards to participation in the Program and to receive communications from Benefit.X or third party administrators of the Program.

Reservations of Rights

We reserve the right to modify or amend at any time these Terms and the methods through which rebates are earned. We reserve the right to disqualify any user at any time from participation in the Program if he/she does not comply with any of these Terms.