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When scaling a business, extra funds can really make a difference. Benefit.X has partnered with GrabFinance to offer digital loan options tailored to your needs.

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Please ensure that your company fulfils the basic requirements before applying.

What We Offer

Congratulations on the approval of your business loan!

However, we understand that it is always better to have more funding. Which is why we are offering you an option to upgrade your Digital Loan for up to S$100,000 for your business!

Benefit.X Loan Lite

  • Credit limit up to SGD 20K only

  • Loan period runs for 3 months

  • 1-time upfront processing fee of 5%

  • 1.5% monthly interest

  • 1.5% Benefit.X Invoice Processing Fees (U.P. 3%)

Benefit.X Loan

  • Credit limit up to SGD 100K only

  • Loan period runs for 12 months

  • Monthly interest rates as low as 1%



We’ll get to know your business before offering funding that suits your needs.

Low Interest

Monthly interest rates from as low as 1%.

Longer Repayment Tenure

Repayment tenure of 60 days


To be eligible for the loan, you must have an active Benefit.X account and fulfil the criteria provided by GrabFinance.

  1. Must be a Benefit.X customer
  2. Completed your KYC
  3. An active user of the Benefit.X Corporate Card
  1. Limited liability partnership or company
  2. At least 30%+ >owned by Singaporean or PR
  3. Total of 200 staff or fewer
  4. Over 6 months in operation

Required Documents

  1. Colored NRICs of the Shareholders

  2. Colored Past 6 months Bank Statements of your business operating account – electronic version

  3. Colored Personal CBS Report of the shareholders (with majority shareholding > 50%) – electronic version *30 days validity at point of submission

  4. Colored Latest Notice of Assessment (IRAS) for the same shareholders (with majority shareholding > 50%) *Date of Assessment to be year 2019 onwards

  5. Latest year financials (if available)

Other Details

  • Credit limit up to SGD 100K only

  • Loan period runs for 12 months

  • From 1% monthly interest

  • More details will be shared by loan consultants if successful

Using Loan Capital

Upon approval, your loan will be disbursed through the Benefit.X platform. You can then allocate the funds to pay for the following:

Employee Salary


Software Subscriptions

Other Invoices

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