WHAT is the Benefit.X Corporate Credit Card?

Benefit.X is the best corporate card for Small Businesses. Enjoy instant approvals, integrated expense management and attractive benefits.

Benefit.X simplifies your budgeting by syncing your business expenditures with claims, payroll and procurement in one smart Credit Card within an integrated Mobile platform.

Use Benefit.X Corporate Credit Card to pay for all business expenses, ranging from physical stores, online and even overseas.

WHO is this for?

Small Businesses, SMEs and Start-ups qualify

WHY Benefit.X?

Small Businesses are having a hard time getting a credit line from the banks due to their traditonal and rigid underwriting procedures. Therefore, most business owners are issued with cheque books and debit cards. Employees, on the other hand, rely on their personal credit cards for business expenses and make a claim afterwards.

The Benefit.X Corporate Card is the first in Singapore to offer Small Businesses with Corporate Credit through our proprietary credit scoring engine. Applicants only need to sign up for a Benefit.X account with their valid Business Registration Number. There are no hidden fees involved.

HOW it works?

Benefit.X offers a cutting-edge portal and mobile application for everything a small business needs for their operations, these ranges from human resource management to budget management.

After setting up a Benefit.X account and clearing the KYC, the small businesses can be granted a Credit Limit up to 10 times based on their deposit placed. This credit limit is dependent on a proprietary credit scoring engine developed by Hearti Lab.

Distribute the credit limit among employees in the company, and start spending!




Corporate Credit Card

Employees no longer have to use their personal credit cards for business expenses. The company is able to have a more effective budgeting and expense management by distributing the credit limit among the employees’ Benefit.X Corporate Credit Card.

High Credit Limit

Your company can be granted up to 10 times credit limit based on your deposits.

Smart Claims Submission

Payment made by your employees will be tracked, categorised and auto-generated as a claim for their designated manager’s approval. You can set the approval rules using your own parameters.

Intelligent Fraud Protection

Our Credit Scoring engine uses meaningful data from various sources before assigning the credit limit to the companies. Real-time alerts and card locking features available at your fingertips so you can better understand your spendings and avoid defaults.

Save when you spend abroad

When using your bank cards abroad, most banks add up to 5% currency exchange fee or markup exchange rates. Eliminate those fees with Benefit.X and get access to the market rate for currency exchange +1%. No hidden fees and no top-up.

A bookkeeper in your pocket

Benefit.X makes bookkeeping effortless. All designated business expenditure is instantly categorised and can be synced/sent to your internal systems, together with digitised receipts. Furthermore, we even let you set up monthly budgets for all types of spending or category.