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Efficiency and Productivity do not have to be costly

Benefit.X provides your company with a cutting-edge benefits portal and mobile application. Through these features, you can provide your employees with access to self-service human resources tools and quick, easy access to benefits information on their mobile phones.

Manual processes, a thing of the past.

Benefit.X is the smarter approach to efficiency, productivity and collaboration for your business.
Manage benefits administration, claims, leave, and payroll seamlessly.

HR administration gets a makeover.

Efficient & easy, so you can focus on the bigger things

Managing Claims has never been easier

Besides administering your employee's medical claims, the system also facilitates other business related claims e.g. for transport, flights, meals etc. These reimbursements can also be paid through the payroll or credited separately accordingly to your finance policies. With this capability, you can have a cross-departmental software which facilitates business collaborations while reducing administration workload.

  • Immediate notification when claim applications are submitted, approved or rejected

  • Dashboard view for resource planning and expense management

Tracking Leave and time-offs are so yesterday

Have a bird's eye view of all employee leave information within the organisation. There is also flexibility in configuring leave profiles based on job positions, senority etc. The process is streamlined and information is more easily assessible.

  • Immediate notification when leave applications are submitted, approved or rejected

  • Dashboard view for instant overview of leave taken across the organisation

Generating secured payslips for peace of mind

The Payroll Module automatically calculates and generates itemised payslips. We are also one of the Supporting Payroll Software Vendors for the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income, allowing you to create IR8A files easily.

  • Compliant and fulfils all statutory requirements

  • Accurate calculation with addition and deduction functions

Engage, Collaborate, And Increase Productivity, All in one app

Your benefit.X App is one-stop-shop for your employees, providing access to:

- Personalised benefits entitlement and information

- Leave entitlement information and submission

- Claims submission and approval status

- View itemised payslips

- Stay informed of latest updates

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